The perfect balance of strength, 
weight and economy

Independent front and rear sliding axles

The Fontaine Infinity SuperiorSlide trailer is the ultimate in convenience and versatility. It allows multiple configurations so you can balance your load quickly and easily while you comply with axle-to-kingpin regulations in all 50 states plus Canada. It delivers non-compromising performance to give you superior stability on the highway and superior maneuverability in city traffic. SuperiorSlide controls are easy to access and super-easy to operate. To see how easy it is, view the SuperiorSlide "How To" video here.

Lighter, stronger RASR siderails

The Routed Aluminum Side Rail (RASR) is a one-piece aluminum extrusion. This exclusive, patented design is significantly lighter than steel and withstands impact damage better than steel. This video demonstrates the superior RASR design and shows how the added durability can help you withstand forklift damage from loading and unloading.

Built stronger to last longer

Single-piece, steel I-Beam crossmembers on 12" centers are supported by the strongest mainbeam in the industry. It's backed by the XtremeBeam™ Limited Lifetime warranty. Engineered, formed-steel siderail braces provide additional structural support.

Steel front skirt

The steel front skirt features tapered steel corners for greater durability. A steel reinforced upper coupler plate minimizes distortion and makes coupling easier. Air and electrical connections are conveniently located, and a corner marker light is positioned on the tapered steel corner for protection and visibility.

Details make the difference

Air and electrical lines run down the center of the trailer for easy access and maximum protection from road debris.

A Coil Package featuring robust steel reinforcement is standard equipment.

Details make the difference

Air and electrical lines in the slide area are organized and protected by a track system that keeps cables neat and clean under the deck. This system guards against kinking and helps prevent premature wear caused by friction.

Convenient load securement

Handy strap retainers slide in a track to keep straps in place so they do not drop while you are securing loads. They also serve as sliding rope hooks. Drivers really appreciate the added convenience.

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