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Strong. Sturdy. Light.

Sporting a sleek, aerodynamic design, the Revolution dropdeck trailer is the lightest in its class with the biggest payload in its class. The sleek unitized design, made possible by advances in aerospace technology, virtually eliminates racking and twisting. Tire scrub typically seen in spread-axle applications is all but eliminated. The lightweight revolutionary design lets you haul bigger payloads and use less fuel...that's a combination our competitors simply can't match.

Lighter, stronger RASR siderails

The Revolution Routed Aluminum Side Rail (RASR) is a one-piece aluminum extrusion. This exclusive, patented design is significantly lighter than steel and withstands impact damage better than steel. This video demonstrates the superior RASR design and shows how the added durability can help you withstand forklift damage from loading and unloading.

Revolutionary unitized construction

The patented Revolution floor, made possible by proven technology from the aerospace industry, is the lightest, strongest design in its class. This cut-away view reveals the unitized construction that gives Revolution trailers unmatched road stability for superior straight-line tracking. This reduces road friction and tire scrub so tires last up to 30% longer. In a "real world" Revolution road test, a set of tandem tires lasted 240K miles and a set of super singles lasted 120K miles. That kind of tire savings can have a big impact on your bottom line over time.

Revolutionary floor design

Friction-Stir Welding, proven technology from the aerospace industry, adds to the strength of the floor while reducing weight to give you bigger payloads and better fuel economy. The structural integrity of the Revolution floor adds to the stability of the trailer to reduce road friction for improved fuel economy and longer tire life. This video explains the technology and its many advantages.

Strongest mainbeams in the industry

The robust design features the strongest mainbeams in the industry backed by the Fontaine XtremeBeam Limited Lifetime Warranty. Plus, there are no exposed crossmembers to collect debris. So you never need to crawl under the trailer in the middle of winter to knock off mud, snow or ice to meet weight requirements.

Revolutionary load securement

Chain tie-downs are EASY to use and STRONG (5,500 lbs working load limit). You can slide them anywhere on the deck with ease, and then stow them away in an optional tool box  rack when not in use. The unprecedented stability of the Revolution design greatly reduces "side-bow" so properly secured loads won't shift in transit. This important safety feature reduces the potential for dangerous rollover situations. This video shows you how easy it is to secure a load with a Fontaine Revolution trailer.

Protected from the elements

The advanced design is accomplished with no holes in the main beams and no exposed crossbeams for greater strength and superior protection from corrosion. The electrical harness and connections are protected from the elements for superior reliability. No more fooling around with electrical system problems!

Revolutionary lighting package

Exclusive rear lights are recessed in an aluminum channel for greater protection. The exclusive LED lighting package reduces the number of connections by more than 60% for unmatched reliability. A 10-year electrical system warranty covers the entire harness, all connections and LED bulbs.