12x stronger than traditional siderails

The Fontaine RASR routed aluminum siderail is 12x stronger than the competition with more load securement options. Plus, it’s DOT rated the full length making load securement much easier.

Watch this video to see how strong
the Fontaine RASR rail truly is!

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End the frustration

"Driver-friendly" sliding rope hooks also serve as strap retainer clips that eliminate hassle and reduce securement time.

Twice the convenience

Sliding winch track on both sides of the trailer for driver convenience and easier, quicker load securement.

Like we said ... convenience

The rope hooks can also be positioned to hold the winch pawl upright so that the winch can “free spool”. This makes it easier to pull more strap from the opposite side of the trailer.

Stronger by design

Upper coupler is steel reinforced above the kingpin and at the mainbeams for added strength and durability.

Built on a solid foundation

Built tough, the Infinity features 4" I-beams on 12" centers, one piece knee braces, RASR rail, and XtremeBeam™ mainbeams. Constructed with continuous welds on both sides of the upper and lower flange using Grade 130K load bearing material, the design is so strong that we back the mainbeams with the Fontaine XtremeBeam™ Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Superior Twist Lock design

Our competitors put their twist locks flush with the outside of the rail (right). We offset ours behind the siderail so that they are protected from forklifts and other impacts (left).

Best in class paint process

The Fontaine 4 step paint process ensures that each trailer that we build receives consistent, high quality, and effective paint coverage on all exposed steel parts. Before the floor is installed, we sand blast the entire trailer to achieve optimal paint adhesion. We then use a 2-part PPG wet on wet primer and paint process where any and all data on paint and coverage thickness is recorded to maintain consistency. The entire trailer then enters a curing oven so that the paint can completely dry and harden before any further work is done to the trailer.

Matched to the job

See the Infinity at your local Fontaine Dealer today.

Available in a wide range of configurations matched to your hauling needs:

  • Flat bed or Drop deck
  • Slide axle or fixed
  • Tandem or Tridem
  • Forklift models
  • TX models for hauling intermodal shipping containers
  • 45, 48 or 53 foot lengths
  • Your choice of models with ratings of 52 or 55 thousand lbs concentrated load in 4 feet and 80,000 lbs distributed

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