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 We Produce the Highest Quality Trailers In America

Best in class in weight and strength

The Revolution’s unique design allows it to be rugged, strong and very light. The all-aluminum construction is suited for tough applications in tough environments, including hauling steel coils, building materials, pipe, vehicles and so much more! The RASR rail and floor design allow for a variety of securement options that you won’t find on any other trailer. Join the Revolution.

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We named it Infinity for a reason

The Ultimate aluminum/steel combo trailer that seems to run forever. Fontaine® Infinity™ trailers combine steel mainbeams and crossbracing with aluminum siderails, floor and rear skirt. The Infinity is versatile and tough. RASR siderails and premium build quality set this trailer above every other combo on the market.

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The best steel trailer on the road

Fontaine Velocity™ is recognized throughout the industry as one of the most durable, rugged and hard-working trailers on the road. These durable flatbeds and dropdecks come standard with the specs that truckers need to get the job done. All backed by Fontaine’s best in class quality, warranty and support.

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Fontaine in Action

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Innovation First

Each one of our trailers sports state-of-the-art features

Legacy of Innovation- Fontaine’s innovation provides continued value to you, the user, whether it’s increased durability, weight savings or unique securement options.

RASR siderail

The Fontaine RASR routed aluminum siderail is 12x stronger than the competition with more load securement options. Plus, it’s DOT rated the full length making load securement much easier. The recessed siderail face protects conspicuity tape for better visibility, longer life, reduced maintenance cost and keeps you DOT compliant

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StirLITE® floor: “The patented floor design is made possible…”

The patented floor design is made possible with proven technology borrowed from the aerospace industry–StirLITE® friction stir welding. The supports are built into the StirLITE® floor and joined together by friction stir welding. This unitized floor design means more strength at less weight, reduced road friction and stability that reduces “side-bow”.

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Our customers demand it.
Our jobs depend on it.

Our customers don’t compromise. Neither do we.

“After several months in service the Fontaine Infinity trailer continues to perform well from multiple arrangement bulk commodities to construction equipment in the field. The aluminum steel combo design comes with strength as well as being lightweight by design. A true workhorse. Highly recommended for flatbed service in the trucking industry.”

 Jeffrey Hill
 Singing River Transport

“The Revolution frame design can help to increase the strength and rigidity of our trailers. Very Innovative!”

Kaufman Trailers

“With over 7 years in business, this company uses only Fontaine Trailers because of their reliability, solid construction and exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY on the beam.”

WCP Transport

“We love our 53' Fontaine stepdeck! It really is a workhorse and is very reliable in all locations and situations."

North River Shipping

“I love my 07 Renegade, built solid, run it every day.”

Luke- TikTok

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Compare our trailers, and get in contact with a Fontaine dealer near you to find the best fit.
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