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StirLITE® Aluminum Floor


The patented floor design is made possible by proven technology borrowed from the aerospace industry–StirLITE® friction stir welding. The supports are built into the StirLITE® floor and joined together by friction stir welding. This unitized floor design means more strength at less weight.

RASR Siderail


The Fontaine RASR routed aluminum siderail is 12x stronger than the competition with more load securement options. Plus, it’s DOT rated the full length making load securement much easier.

Modular Securement Options


These unique sliding tie downs allow the driver to move the connection point to wherever it’s needed. Sliding chain tie-downs (turtles) are easy to use and strong (5,500 lbs working load limit). 

Wiring Harness


The wiring harness runs down the center of the trailer totally protected by an aluminum cover plate. This virtually eliminates DOT inspection issues from weather related damage or road debris.

Superior Twist Locks


Instead of putting drop deck trailer twist locks flush with the outside of the rail like our competitors do, we offset ours behind the siderail (left) so that they are protected from forklifts and other impacts.

Hauling Versatility


The Infinity TX and VelocityTX models are equipped with Twist Locks that can be set up to engage typical cargo containers or frac sand containers. This allows the ability to haul containers or conventional drop deck loads with the same trailer.

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