Steel main-beams and cross members, and high-strength aluminum for the ultimate combination of strength and weight savings in the industry.

RASR Siderail

The Fontaine RASR routed aluminum siderail is 12x stronger than the competition with more load securement options. Plus, it’s DOT rated the full length making load securement much easier. The recessed siderail face protects conspicuity tape for better visibility, longer life, reduced maintenance cost and keeps you DOT compliant.

Sliding Winch Track

Includes a sliding winch track on both sides of the trailer for driver convenience and quicker, easier load securement.

Sliding Rope Hooks

"Driver-friendly" sliding rope hooks also serve as strap retainer clips that eliminate the hassle and reduce securement time. The rope hooks can also be positioned to hold the winch pawl upright so that the winch can “free spool”. This makes it easier to pull more straps from the opposite side of the trailer.

Superior Twist Locks

Instead of putting drop deck trailer twist locks flush with the outside of the rail like our competitors do, we offset ours behind the siderail (left) so that they are protected from forklifts and other impacts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a local dealer or retailer to purchase your trailers from?

Please refer to our dealer page for more information on how to find a dealer.

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What sizes and weight capacities does the Infinity Combo come in?

The Infinity line comes in all of our standard configurations, with the added option of a a forklift mounting kit on the back, as well as other standard modifications and upgrades. Fontaine SELECT can perform many of these modifications here at the Factory. Ask your dealer for more details.

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Is the Infinity Combo trailer customizable or can I request specific features?

Yes, you can ask your Fontaine Dealer for available modifications. Our SELECT department can perform many upfits and modifications at the factory, which does not void any warranty.

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What kind of material is the Infinity Trailer made with?

The main beams and cross members on Fontaine's Infinity Trailers are made with steel. The siderails and flooring are aluminum with wood nailer strips.

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