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Solid Foundation

Built tough, the Velocity flatbed and drop deck trailers feature 4" I-beams on 12" centers, one piece welded knee braces and mainbeams. Constructed with continuous welds on both sides of the upper and lower flange using Grade 130K load bearing material.

Steel Reinforced Upper Coupler

The upper coupler is subjected to a tremendous amount of stress, as it is the connecting point between the tractor and the trailer. That’s why we weld steel reinforcement above the kingpin and at the main beams. This robust design provides added strength to give our customers greater durability.

Durable Flooring

Full-length 1 1/8" apitong trailer flooring withstands harsh weather and punishing applications. The robust floor is supported by steel I-Beam cross members on 12" centers to handle heavy-duty loading and unloading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a local dealer or retailer to purchase your trailers from?

Please refer to our dealer page for more information on how to find a dealer.

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What is the warranty policy for the Velocity Steel Trailer?

5-years on lights and harnesses with no cracks or spliced wires. The original owner will have a 60 month warranty of defective material and/or defective workmanship of parts furnished and installed by Fontaine Trailer.

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Are your trailers customizable or can I request specific features?

Yes, you can ask your Fontaine Dealer for available modifications. Our SELECT department can perform many upfits and modifications at the factory, which does not void any warranty.

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How do I properly maintain and care for my Velocity Steel Trailer?

Here are some recommendations to properly maintain and care for your Velocity Steel Trailer. 1) Regularly drain moisture from reservoir tank. 2) Inflate tires to specified PSI. 3) Check mounting nuts for appropriate torque. 4) Check wheel-ends for leaks. 5) Make regular brake adjustments. 6) Inspect wiring and connections often and ensure they are clear of debris and still tight. 7) Inspect all valves for leaks. 8) It is also best practice to maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your trailer. Please refer to the owner's manual for specific maintenance procedures.

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What sizes and weight capacities do the Velocity trailers come in?

The Velocity line comes in all of our standard configurations, with the added option of a spring slider suspension setup.

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How are your trailers constructed to ensure durability and longevity?

We use tight quality control tolerances on all incoming components. If a material or component is not up to spec, we will reject it. Fontaine also has inspectors on each line that continuously check weld quality at all stages of the production process, ensuring that we catch any errors or issues before the trailer makes it out the door.

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What are the benefits of using steel trailers over other materials?

Steel is easier to repair and in many cases, certain alloys can be stronger than aluminum. Most technicians and repair shops are capable of welding and repairing steel components. Aluminum requires special equipment and technique to repair, which some places are ill-equipped to do.

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