Year after year more Fontaine's are built and sold than any other trailer manufacturer

First in Innovation

First in Quality

First in Customer Service

We are the largest platform trailer manufacturer in North America. We are able to produce more flatbed trailers than any other manufacturer because that is our focus.
Our legacy of leadership began in 1945 and will continue long into the future. Fontaine Trailer is a Marmon | Berkshire Hathaway company.

We are first in trailer business



We only build platform trailers. This narrow focus drives innovation and makes us the recognized industry experts. The Fontaine Research and Development Team is constantly designing, building and testing the platform trailers of the future. The patented innovations we develop give our customers a real advantage. RASR siderails resist damage to cut operating costs. The StirLITE™ Revolution floor is lighter and stronger than ordinary floors. Our trailers are loaded with innovative convenience features that you just can’t get anywhere else, from sliding rope hooks to load securement “turtles”. It’s easy to see why Fontaine is the recognized innovative leader.

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If you visit our factory in Haleyville, Alabama you will see a huge banner on our conference room wall that reads: “QUALITY. Our customers demand it. Our jobs depend on it. We will deliver it.” Every time an employee enters the room, this message is front and center. It permeates the factory, the air we breathe and everything we do. The proof is in our products. When you look at any Fontaine trailer you see the pride and work ethic of the good people of Haleyville, Alabama. In fact, before a trailer can leave the factory, one of our Quality Team members must sign off on it personally. If they don’t sign ... the trailer doesn’t leave.


Our goal is to make the whole Fontaine experience EASY for customers before, during and after the sale. As part of Berkshire Hathaway, you can be sure the people working together at the Fontaine Haleyville plant have the knowledge and the resources to be the very best at their jobs. Our customers tell us that they can count on Fontaine to do the right thing in every situation. If you are already a Fontaine customer you know what we're talking about. If you are a prospective customer, we ask for the opportunity to prove it to you.

Main Office
Fontaine Trailer Commercial Platform

430 Letson Road • Haleyville, AL 35565
Toll Free: 800-821-6535
Direct Dial: 205-486-5251
[email protected]
[email protected]


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