Built Together

On The Road for 80 Years

For 80 years, Fontaine Trailer has forged a legacy on the road. It’s a legacy we’re proud to have built together. 

With your help, we have become the largest platform trailer manufacturer in North America. Our promise of quality, integrity, and service have supported countless miles on the road. 

We thank you for your support in building Fontaine Trailer’s legacy. Cheers to the next mile.

We are first in trailer business


Past and Future

Fontaine Trailer fuses its 80-year legacy with the cutting-edge innovation of modern manufacturing. Our unique blend of tradition and progress is the cornerstone of our success. Our roots run deep, and every trailer we produce carries with it the expertise, craftsmanship, and knowledge honed over decades in the factory and on the road. 

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes incorporate the latest technologies, ensuring that each trailer is built to the highest industry standards. This fusion of heritage and innovation enables us to deliver products that meet the evolving needs of our customers. As we continue to build our legacy, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible while upholding the proud traditions that have defined us for generations.

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Our Mission

We are driven to master the road ahead for those who live on it. We are craftsmen committed to building flatbed trailers made with excellence by American manufacturing and ingenuity. We strive to create the safest, most efficient way to haul cargo from A to B. Mile after mile, we’re on the road together with our customers.

Our Values

Our products are built with more than just aluminum and steel. They’re built with the values that we’ve carried for 80 years, the same ones you carry every time you pull a Fontaine Trailer.


Respect what’s come before.


Build what comes next.


Only make the best.


Travel the road together.

Made in the USA

​​Fontaine Trailer endures as a beacon of American manufacturing pride, with its roots in the heart of Haleyville, Alabama. Not only do we produce the highest quality flatbed trailers - we do it in the USA. Every trailer that rolls off the production line is an investment in the community of Haleyville, our home since day one. By choosing Fontaine, our customers join us in supporting the American spirit and the vitality of Haleyville. This dedication to local production and community exemplifies Fontaine Trailer's legacy as an American manufacturing leader.

Main Office
Fontaine Trailer Commercial Platform

430 Letson Road • Haleyville, AL 35565
Toll Free: 800-821-6535
Direct Dial: 205-486-5251
[email protected]
[email protected]


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